On April 9, newborns with unusual names Melissa and Rassvet were registered at the Kirov department of the Kazan registry office

9 April 2021, Friday

Baby Melissa was born on April 1. For the spouses Grigoryan Karen and Angelina, the girl became the third child: two boys, Mark and Timofey, are growing up in the family.

And on April 7, a girl was born in the capital of Tatarstan, whose parents gave the name Rassvet. This name for his daughter was invented by dad, and he named his first son Spartak.

By the way, parents often give their newborns unusual names. The legislation does not prohibit parents from assigning unusual and non-standard names to their children, but it limits their wild imagination. In accordance with the Family Code of the Russian Federation, when parents choose a child's name, it is not allowed to use numbers, alphanumeric designations, numerals, symbols and non-letter characters in his name, with the exception of the "hyphen" sign, or any combination of them or swear words, instructions for ranks, positions, titles.

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