June 2, 2018 in Leninogorsk, on the waterfront of the city pond with a large scale was a children's festival dedicated to the International children's Day "Dances, songs, friendship – that's what children need."

8 June 2018, Friday

In the beginning of the holiday the head of the district, the mayor of the city of Leninogorsk Ryagat Khusainov congratulated all on this momentous day and traditionally handed over to the families who have had a new addition as a second child of the parent certificates. Then there was an unusual competition "Cheerful umbrella", among the little inhabitants of our city. Participation in the jury was made by the head of Department the registry office Minnigalimov Elena Yakovlevna. The competition was very fun. The first place was taken by Mary Kiryushina (5 years), her suit and umbrella was called "Hedgehog". Further, the relay of performances was picked up by DDT students. Throughout the festival in front of the wedding Palace, young artists were able to participate in the competition of drawings on the asphalt. The holiday was cheerful, bright and unforgettable!

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