Statistics of Department the registry office Zainsky municipal district for February

3 March 2018, Saturday

For February 2018. in Department the registry office of the Executive Committee of Zainsk municipal district was the birth of 34 children: 16 boys and 18 girls. The minimum weight of the child at birth was 2510 grams, and the maximum – 4720 grams. The age of the youngest mothers 19 years old, the most Mature 41 year, the young father, 20 years old, the most Mature of 45 years. The most popular among children's names were: Zlata, Anastasia, Danil. During the same period, 12 couples registered their marriage in the registry office. The youngest groom is 23 years old, the youngest bride is 19 years old. The age of the adult of the groom, 54 years old, most adult bride is 52 years old.

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