September 2018

29 September 2018 on the eve of Day of the elderly person at the registry office of the Executive Committee of the Zelenodolsk municipal district held a family celebration – a celebration of the "Golden"anniversaries spouses Galievich of Fanile of Ganievich and Guzel giniyatova and the "Diamond" anniversaries Harlamova albert Mikhailovich and Anastasiya Mikhailovna. The Deputy chief of Department the registry office of Ekaterina Romanova gave spouses, letters of thanks of the head of Zelenodolsk region Alexander Tygin. Present at the celebration people of different generations-children, grandchildren, relatives of anniversaries, guests and guests – experienced the warmest emotions in the atmosphere that reigned in the hall of celebrations. The whole life path of families is inextricably linked with the history of our district.

September 2018

Today, September 28, 2018 in the registry office of the Executive Committee of Zainsky municipal district was held a solemn presentation of certificates for maternal (family) capital. Seven families received certificates for maternity capital in a solemn ceremony. The head of the registry office Gulfiya Valishina wished parents less trouble, and more joy and new discoveries in the lives of children, success in a happy and hard work – to raise a person. Let your children grow up kind and sympathetic people, become a true friend to you and to whom he will give his love! Because the true school of heartfulness, kindness and decency is a FAMILY! Happiness to You and Your children!

In the Palace of weddings Leninogorsk again hosts a photo exhibition, the inspiration of which is again the family and the Golden autumn pleases us with its colors: "Happy and friendly families walking in the Park, young parents with amazing children at the lake....".

The photo exhibition was an amazing opportunity for all visitors to feel themselves in the world of autumn beauty, family happiness and harmony.

September 2018

The inhabitants of the village of aspen Zelenodolsk region Voronova the couple celebrated the Golden jubilee of his family. 50 years go hand in hand on the road of life spouses Voronov Vladimir Ivanovich and Tatiana Dmitrievna. A lot of love, patience, understanding, care they give each other all these years.

Representatives of the Executive Committee of the Osinovsky rural settlement congratulated the kalyakins on the 50th anniversary of their life together, giving them a memorable gift and wishing them good health, long life and new anniversaries.

September 2018

The children imagined that the registry office was a place where joy always reigned. Thanks to the specialist of the registry office, Troshihina Elena Evgenievna, the tour resulted in an hour of legal information, accessible, useful, saturated with life examples, figures, and demonstration of archival materials. The children learned what kinds of acts of civil status are registered here, how the archive is formed, what are the conditions for the marriage. In the conversation, attention was drawn to the fact that every document, before signing it, should be carefully read. A special emphasis in conversation with schoolchildren was made on the age of those entering into marriage. It is very important after graduating from school not to hurry up to marry, but to get further education, specialty, get a job. At the end of the meeting, the doors of the bridegroom's room were opened for the students, where the newlyweds were introduced to the rules of the ceremonies.

September 26, 2018 in the registry office of the Executive Committee of the municipality "Leninogorsk municipal district" was the provision of free legal assistance to citizens on the registration of acts of civil status and international legal assistance in the field of registration of acts of civil status, family and civil legislation. The reception were chief of Department the registry office Elena Yakovlevna Minnigalimova and the lawyer of lawyer chamber of the Republic of Tatarstan Ildar Ismagilovich Nurgaliyev.

September 2018

The next conversation in the school classroom on "Family-today and tomorrow" was held on September 24, 2018 in the Tatar gymnasium in Zainsk, the chief specialist of the registry office Gulnar Gizatullina. During the conversation, boys and girls of the 10th grade have deepened knowledge about marriage and family legislation, the rights and duties of spouses, got acquainted with the list and procedure for the provision of public services for the registration of civil status in electronic form, legal documents regulating the registration of civil status. At the end of the meeting, the teenagers thanked the specialist for the informative information.

Boy Dmitri was born the first child of the beautiful parents of Yuri Semenov and Hope. Specialist of the Registry Office Elena Troshikhina, congratulated happy parents on a joyful occasion, gave out the first and most important document in her son's life - birth certificate, and presented a greeting card. We wish the child good health and a happy bright future!

September 2018

Malafeev, which in the family is a great joy-was born the son of Klimov, that September 18, 2018. He Maxim and Catherine young from parents was born 4 children will. The head of the Registrar Gulfiya Valesina the President of the Republic of Tatarstan dad was lucky. N. on behalf of the card. Minnehanova. Malafeev, whose family is an example of large families living in Zainsky district.

September 2018

September 15, 2018 in the registry office of Leninogorsk hosted a solemn registration of a 400-pair-family Nafikova Nazym Rafisovich and Dilyara Ruslanovna. With this remarkable event, the newlyweds were congratulated by the head of the department of the Leninogorsk Registry Office, Minnigalamova Elena Yakovlevna, and presented the marriage certificate, wishing that their life together was always filled with tenderness, happiness and love. Bring the memories of this bright event through your whole life, rejoice together and walk along the path of life hand in hand!

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