December 2018

This year, more than 720 young people were able to visit the club. The theme of today's meeting the Ability to negotiate in the family " aroused great interest among 10 couples of future spouses who took part in the club. Speech family psychologist Guzel Zakirova did not leave anyone indifferent, asked questions, were particularly active grooms. In front of the newlyweds was made by the chief specialist of Department of registration of acts of civil status Guzel Muhutdinova, which gave a full briefing on the rules of conduct during state registration of conclusion of marriage, showed and told about the record, about the fragments of the exchange of wedding rings, conducted tours of all the halls. In the next 2019, the first lesson of the "School of young family" will be held on January 15 at 10.00. We will wait for everyone!


December 2018

       December 21, 2018 in the Wedding Palace, chaired by Yevgeny Blagodarov, an extended meeting of the Public Council of the Leninogorsk municipal district "The role of the family in educating the younger generation" was held. The head of the district, Ryagat Khusainov, heads of services and departments of the administration, members of the council, principals, invited guests, and mass media took part in the work of the council.


The birth of a child is a happy and memorable event in the life of every family. In the registry office of the Executive Committee of the Zelenodolsk municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan registered the birth of 1100-th child. Elina is such a beautiful name called daughter happy parents. Specialist registry office handed his father the first document in the life of Elina-birth certificate and heartily congratulated on the happiest event and wished success in the upbringing of his daughter!

A specialist of the registry office told parents about the meaning of each newborn's name and its origin. An employee of the Russian Pension Fund’s office in the Kirovsky district of Kazan congratulated parents on the family replenishment and handed each mother a maternity certificate, and also said that, in accordance with the Federal Law “On Additional Measures of State Support for Families with Children,” maternity capital can be spent on improvement of family living conditions, education of children or retirement savings of the mother.


December 2018

Today, the festival was dominated by a surprisingly festive and warm atmosphere. Among the anniversaries were many scientists, doctors, academics, professors. Many still continue their scientific and teaching activities, all signed the book of Honor of the family center "Kazan", shared with each other the secrets of a long family life, waltzed, heard songs performed by the winner of regional competitions Lilia Hamidullina.On this remarkable day, the anniversaries on behalf of the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin were given a congratulatory address, a cash gift and a national dish chak-chak. Relatives and friends, children and grandchildren congratulated their parents and presented flowers.


December 2018

19 December 2018 in the village of aspen Zelenodolsk region was honored the "Diamond" anniversary couple of Safiullinym Mukadisa Abdullovich and Rashi of Ashatovna. Exactly 60 years ago, December 10, 1958 formed the Union of two hearts, joined two halves of one whole.  On their long life journey were not only happy events, but also difficulties. To overcome their anniversaries were able to work together, thanks to family cohesion, mutual support and patience. 60 years of love and loyalty, happiness and hard work. Anniversaries were congratulated by the Head of the rural settlement Osinovskaya albert Selimov and handed the couple a commemorative folder and a commemorative gift.


On this day, certificates were received by 18 families in which the second children were born. The ceremony was attended by the head of the Pension Fund Of the Russian Federation in the Moscow region of Kazan Republic of Tatarstan Yuri Nekhoroshkov. He solemnly presented certificates to the families and congratulated the parents on the replenishment in their families, wished them good health, success and prosperity. Also happy parents were congratulated by representatives of "Avtogradbank" Rimma Musina and Ramil Abulkhanov, who presented them with gifts. Graced the occasion with their performances, the music Director of a kindergarten №376 of Kazan Svetlana kostryukova and her students Leyla and Alex.


December 2018

In the family center "Kazan" on this day created a family of 3 pairs of newlyweds. Spouses Mustakimov Marcel and Gulfie were presented with an invitation to the wedding anniversary, which will take place in 35 years, when they turn 50 and 51 years, to remind them of today's ceremony. The couple danced the first dance as husband and wife and lit the hearth and home. The ceremony was held in two official languages: Russian and Tatar.


The theme of the meeting” " Undeniable signs of family happiness." 15 pairs of future spouses with great interest took an active part in the lecture, performed creative tasks, answered questions. Before the newlyweds made acting head of the Department to ensure the activities of the family Center "Kazan" Guzel mukhutdinova. She gave instructions on the rules of conduct during the state registration of marriage, explained in what time to change the bride's passport after the ceremony, showed fragments and highlights of the ritual of the exchange of wedding rings, conducted tours of the halls.

December 2018

The seventh twins since the beginning of the year are registered in the registry office of the Executive Committee of the Zelenodolsk municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan. The birth of twins was always considered a miracle, a gift from God. Such a happy event happened in the Maslakov family. Milena and Marianna - happy parents gave their newborn children such beautiful names. A civilian registry office employee handed the first documents in their lives to their parents - birth certificates and heartily congratulated them on the happiest event, wished them well-being, happiness, kindness, and success in raising children!


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